Kenya Safari Packages:2 days Lake Nakuru, 3 days Elephant Encounter, 3 days Masai Mara Fly in Safari, 4 days Masai Mara Experience, 4 days Amboseli-Tsavo West, Big 5 Encounter, 6 days Kenya Classic, 7 days Kenya Wildlife Experience, 8 days Wilderness Safari, 8 days East African Highlights, 9 days Discover Kenya Safari, 10 Magical Kenya Experience, 13 days Kenya and Tanzania Safari.
We always emphasize on personalized Kenya safari packages that takes you to the most amazing destinations leaving you with memorable moments. Most of our Kenya safari packages can be tailor-made to suit the wishes of our guests. The safari holidays could be customized to include birding safaris, wildlife safaris, adventure safaris, walking safaris, Mountain climbing, golf holidays, honeymoon safaris and beach holidays

Welcome to East Africa, our home, and let Nomadic Holidays and Safaris make your safari a holiday of a lifetime! Our aim is to transform our guests’ safari dream into reality. We would be very glad hosting you here in Kenya and East Africa.

Nomadic Holidays and Safaris dedicates to supporting sustainable tourism. Specializing in eco tours, we strive to provide you the most enjoyable and memorable experiences while you travel with us, while at the same time supporting the local communities that you interact with while on your safari. We support a number of community service projects at our various destinations.

Travelling with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are in the best of hands.

  • 10-days-magical-kenya-experience

    10 Magical Kenya Experience

    For those interested in real action, Nomadic Holidays and Safaris offers 10 days magical Kenya experience safari as the perfect deal for you. This Kenya safari tour package is recommended

  • 13-days-kenya-tanzania-safari

    13 days Kenya and Tanzania Safari

    Experience a unique wildlife adventure with this 13 days Kenya and Tanzania safari.This is a combined Kenya and Tanzania safari to the tourism highlights in East Africa.

  • 2-days-lake-nakuru

    2 days Lake Nakuru Safari

    2 days Lake Nakuru safari is a Kenya Safari package that take you to the floor of the great Rift Valley. Besides the park being a unique birdwatchers’ paradise, it

  • 3-days-elephant-encounter

    3 days Elephant Encounter

    This 3 days elephant encounter safari is a Kenya Safari package that will take you to Amboseli National Park where you will get to admire free roaming elephants with the

  • 3 days Masai Mara Fly in Safari

    This 3 days Masai Mara fly in safari package is a luxury safari to the Masai Mara reserve.It is the best way to explore the wilderness at the same time

  • 4-days-masai-mara-migration-safari

    4 days Masai Mara Migration Safari

    4 days Masai Mara migration safari: Masai Mara migration is a natural phenomenal that occurs annually from sometimes in July to October. More than 1.5 million wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and

  • 6-days-kenya-classic

    6 days Kenya Classic

    Our 6 days Kenya Classic safari will see you exploring the most popular Kenya safaris destinations with breathtaking views and amazing wildlife.

  • 7-days-kenya-wildlife-experience

    7 days Kenya Wildlife Experience

    Discover the hidden treasures of the African savannah by booking this wonderful 7 days Kenya Wildlife Experience.  This safari holiday  allows you to sample the various tourism circuits in Kenya.

  • 8-days-east-african-highlights

    8 Days East African Highlights

    This 8 days East African highlights will lead you to the best attractions in east Africa. It is a round trip that allows you to explore the biggest wildlife ecosystem

  • 8-days-wilderness-safari

    8 days Wilderness Safari

    If you are searching for a Kenya safari package that helps you explore the Kenyan wilderness,then this is a perfect choice. This safari experience is aimed at giving you a true taste of the African wild.

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