Nomadic Holidays and Safaris has a number of Kenya Safari Destinations that we organize our safaris. Kenya boasts of some of the best safari destinations in Africa.

Our Kenya safari destinations are all unique and no park  or reserve is the same as the other. Every Kenya safari destination is unique in its own way. We welcome you to Kenya and let Nomadic Holidays and Safaris plan your Kenya Safari holiday.

Kenya wildlife tours and safaris are biggest selling points for Kenya safari destinations, drawing many visitors to the country each year. Kenya manages more than 20 national parks and reserves, where each park and reserve is unique in its own way. Visitors can view some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife, including the ‘Big Five’ animals. In fact, the “Big Five” are the central focus of the majority of safari tours and wildlife expeditions offered within the parks. Kenya’s most popular game park is the Maasai Mara which borders the Serengeti plains in Tanzania, and this is where the most spectacular show (Annual wildebeest migration) occurs between July and September.

Our Destinations

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