In Honor of Sudan

May 27, 2018

In honor of Sudan – the last male northern white rhino

in-honor-of-sudanTribute by James Mwenda (Sudan’s Caregiver)

I met Sudan as the part of my job in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, but after taking time to imagine and allow myself to learn from his existence, the truth dawned on me that he was a living proof on the extremities of mans greed both personal and political. With time as a personal caretaker, our bond grew and everyday became a lesson and a chapter that would unfold.

Sudan, a rhino born in Shambe, Southern Sudan has/was known to be the last natural standing male northern white rhino left on earth. He represented a  part of a species pushed hardly against the walls  of extinction, as consequence of human-wildlife conflicts, as a part of a breeding program labelled “the last chance of survival” Sudan together with other three northern white rhinos were moved to Kenya, from a Czech Republic zoo,in-honor-of-sudan with the regard that a natural habitat would stimulate their sexual activities and subsequently birth of calves. Unfortunately, the dream wasn’t realized with their numbers declining to as only two females left today.

Sudan was known across the world, He was a perfect ambassador of these endangered mega faunas, his existence and essence of being the last of his kind, was a force and sad tale, that all of us had to learn from, He was one gentle giant that spoke compassion and the need of all of us to re-visit our understanding of nature, what we think we know of it, and what we say we think of it, apparently the most tragic thing would be whether we have learned anything from his existence.

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